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Jinglemining After-Sale General Outline

Explain warranty terms, return procedures, warranty checking, and forbidden operations related to mining equipment, including costs and compensation rules.

Calculation method:

Free after-sales service and warranty service are provided within 180 days from the date of shipment. If the out-of-warranty miner needs to be returned to the factory, all logistics, customs clearance, and maintenance costs will be borne by the customer.

Machines that need to be returned or exchanged under warranty must be sent to Jinglemining company first, and we will send you a new machine only after we have received and verified that it is the machine we sold.


Customers outside China: https://www.jasminer.com/#/support/searchsn

Chinese Customers: https://zh.jasminer.com/#/support/searchsn


https://ipollo.com/ (online customer service feedback in the lower right corner)

Other brands:

Send an email to servicecenter-ludwig@jinglemining.com for inquiries

① Customers outside China:

When returning the product to our company/manufacturer, the customer is responsible for the shipping cost, while our company/manufacturer covers the customs clearance fees.

Once it is repaired and sent back, our company/manufacturer will bear the logistics cost, and the customer will bear the customs clearance fee.

② Chinese Customers:

Mail it back directly, and the express delivery fee will be half of each.

③ Shipping & Clearance fee:

Jasminer - Customer bears the shipping & clearance cost to the company, the company bears the back shipping & clearance cost.

iPollo - Customer bears the shipping cost to the company, the company bears the back shipping cost. Customer bears all clearance cost.

Bitmain - Customer bears the shipping cost to the company, the company bears the back shipping cost. Customer bears all clearance cost.

Goldshell - Customer bears the shipping cost to the company, the company bears the back shipping cost. Customer bears all clearance cost.

iBeLink - Company bears all shipping cost. Customer bears all clearance cost.

SuperScalar - Company bears all shipping & clearance cost.

If the machine is under warranty and needs to be returned to the factory for free repair and replacement, the computing power loss during the period can be replaced by our company/manufacturer's machine according to the currency currently being mined by the machine and the real-time income. The income during the period is switched to the customer's wallet address.

① If the warranty label or serial number (SN) of the product is torn or removed, the product is damaged due to unauthorized disassembly within the warranty period, the warranty will be void.

② Confirm the machine usage instructions and operating specifications. For details, refer to the machine instruction manual and relevant sales/after-sales personnel. If the machine is damaged due to misoperation by the customer (such as connecting to the wrong voltage), the warranty will be void.

③ Any modifications made by the customer within the warranty period, such as adding cooling systems, modifying fans, heat sinks, or altering power cables, the warranty will be void.

④ If you change the SN code of the machine shell without permission, the warranty will be void once discovered.

① If you find the miner is damaged, scratched, or the warranty label has fallen off/damaged, you must notify our office immediately (within 24 hours) for clarification, otherwise the warranty will be invalid.

Jingle Mining brinda asistencia las 24 horas, los 7 días de la semana para sus pedidos y productos.

Para comunicarse con cualquier problema posventa, contáctenos,
proporcione su número de serie y especifique uno de los problemas a continuación :

1. Problema de logística: contact@jinglemining.com

1) Retraso en el envío
2) Retraso en el despacho de aduana
3) Retraso en la entrega

2. Problema de calidad: servicecenter-ludwig@jinglemining.com

1) Piezas externas dañadas
2) No funciona cuando está enchufado 
3) Sin Hashrate/pérdida de Hashrate

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