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Question 1: What you need to prepare before running the machine? 

1. Please confirm whether your model is G1 or X1. 

Solution: You can check the machine model on the power supply, and then ask the sales or after-sales service for the corresponding firmware/algorithm file.

Precaution: Only the factory batch is different, there is no difference in other functions of the machine.

2. Request the corresponding algorithm/firmware text and client Networktool and other information.

Solution: Ask sales or after-sales service.

3. Make sure that the machine must be in an external network environment, and that the computer and machine must be connected with a network cable and be on the same network segment. 

Solution: Confirm on your own.

Question 2: Why does the machine have no hashrate

1. Check whether it is configured properly, including firmware, algorithm, and mining pool. 

Solution: Configure the machine with Network tool.

Precaution: Please refer to the manual for details or consult after-sales service.

2. After configuration, the machine does not respond.

Solution: Click "Start Status" and wait a few minutes for the machine to read the program on its own.

Precaution: When the machine appears in the "loading" state, do not operate any programs.

3. The machine does not have an IP selected.

Solution: Make sure any operation selects the machine's current IP address.

4. The mining pool is not configured properly and the correct mining pool is not selected. 

Solution: Complete the configuration by referring to the mining pool for each currency and algorithm. Some pools need to use IP addresses or transferred pools.

Precaution: Ask after-sales service for instructions and supported mining pool addresses.

5. The hashboard is damaged.

Solution: Check whether the red indicator light on each board is on. If it goes out, the board is damaged or the plug is not plugged in properly.

6. Frequency setting is incorrect.

Solution: Each currency has a corresponding running frequency. Please check the manual settings.

Precaution: You need to select the frequency setting after configuring the algorithm, and then burn the firmware.

7. Check whether the mining pool configuration is complete and correct.

Solution: Enter "cat global.csv" in "System Command" to check whether the mining pool and wallet addresses are configured correctly.

Precaution: A string of information containing mining pool and wallet addresses will appear, please check carefully.

8. Wrong wallet address.

Solution: Please ensure that the wallet address is the wallet account of the corresponding mining pool. The wallet account of the exchange may not be applicable to the machine.

Precaution: You can go to the mining pool to register an account and apply for a wallet address.

9. Machine memory is full.

Solution: Shown as switching back and forth between "mining" and “stopping".

Precaution: Contact after-sales service to manually clean the machine memory.

10. Network not connected.

Solution: Please ensure that both the machine and the computer are connected using network cables and are on the same network segment.

Precaution: If it is a laptop, make sure it has access to a network cable.

11. After setting up the mining pool and wallet details, an "IP address error" prompt appears.

Solution: Go back to "Machine Information" again, click "Remote Control" - "Allow Loading Algorithm".

Precaution: If the "IP address error" message appears after configuring the mining pool information, you need to operate this solution.

12. The selected currency is not supported by the current algorithm.

Solution: Make sure that the currencies corresponding to the five algorithms are in one-to-one correspondence. You can refer to the manual to complete the settings.

Question 3: If the machine keeps low hashrate

1. The chip is missing or the hashboard is not working.

Solution: Check whether the number of chips in the "Machine Information" column is 12.

Precaution: If it is missing, please contact after-sales service in time.

2. The cable is not plugged in properly, is loose, or is plugged in incorrectly.

Solution: Check whether the first buckle is firmly inserted and whether it is loose or damaged.

Precaution: If there is any damage, please contact after-sales service in time.

3. Tip: Serial port error.

Solution: If this prompt appears, please contact after-sales service.

4. The network link is unstable.

Solution: Check internet speed.

5. Hashrate is not the average one.

Solution: Please be sure to keep the machine running for more than 24 hours to check the average hashrate

Precaution: Need to check the hashrate and income on the mining pool side.

6. There is a commission on the mining pool side.

Solution: Confirm with the customer service on the official website of the mining pool.

7. Different currencies are mined.

Solution: The machine has five currencies, and each currency has different hashrate. Please confirm the rated hashrate marked in the manual.

8. The network link is unstable.

Solution: Check network.

9. Voltage is unstable.

Solution: Exclude voltage environment.

10. High temperature.

Solution: Ensure that the indoor temperature is within 25 degrees Celsius, that there are no obstructions in the vents, and that indoor air circulation is normal.

Question 4: If the machine keeps high temperature

1. Temperature exceeds 50 degrees Celsius.

Solution: Please turn off the power in time, check the indoor temperature and the temperature of the air outlet of the machine to see if there is any blockage.

2. The machine makes a lot of noise. Is the temperature abnormal?

Solution: It is normal for the noise to fluctuate when the machine is running. It is related to the frequency of the machine.

Precaution: As long as the machine temperature and computing power are normal, it can be ignored.

3. The chip itself is defective and the internal circuit is short-circuited.

Solution: Return to factory

4. The air outlet is blocked.

Solution: Check the machine ventilation system to remove foreign matter

Question 5: If the hashrate of machine keeps 0

1. Pool error.

Solution: Replace the pool

2. Network Error.

Solution: Check network

3. Network segment IP address change.

Solution: Self-check the network segment to see if there are two routers. Group control can be used to manually add network segments.

4. Hashboard is damaged.

Solution: Return to factory

5. Wrong mode selected.

Solution: Select the mode corresponding to the currency

6. Dashboard configuration error

Solution: Reconfigure

Question 6: If the machine keeps high temperature

1. Fan damaged

Solution: Replace fan

2. The air outlet is blocked

Solution: Check whether there is any foreign matter in the air outlet

3. Cooling tower damaged

Solution: Symptoms of abnormally high temperature and feeling hot to the touch 

Precaution: Need to cut off the power immediately

4. The cooling tower is loose and misaligned

Solution: Disassemble and inspect, re-fix and apply silicone grease

Precaution: Need to cut off the power immediately

5. Improper indoor temperature control

Solution: Ensure that the indoor temperature is within 25 degrees Celsius, that there are no obstructions in the vents, and that indoor air circulation is normal.

6. Accumulating dust

Solution: Clean up dust regularly

Precaution: Once a year in normal environment, wind cleaning is recommended

7. Short circuit

Solution: Return to factory

Question 7: If the dashboard loading too long

1. Loading status is too long.

Solution: Algorithm burning takes 40-60 minutes.

2. No refresh machine.

Solution: Select the IP of the machine and then verify the machine.

Precaution: It takes a few minutes to validate the machine.

3. Serial port information error.

Solution: Please contact after-sales service in time if parameters need to be modified.

4. Chip not working.

Solution: Return to factory.

Question 8: If the power consumption of the machine is too high

1. Power supply damaged

Solution: Replace power supply

Precaution: It can be tested by replacing the power supply of other machines.

2. Wrong input voltage connected

Solution: Exclude site voltage range

3. No adapter installed

Solution: Install adapter

Precaution: It is recommended to install an adapter in the Americas or other areas with different power ranges.

4. Wrong frequency selection or no selection

Solution: Please confirm that the current working frequency of the machine corresponds to the frequency required by the currency.

5. Different currencies have different power consumption

Solution: Confirm the power consumption of five currency algorithms for

6. Reader error

Solution: Return to factory or replace parts

Question 9: If the miner fails to boot

1. Power supply damaged

Solution: Replace power supply

Precaution: The power supply is around 2200W, please note

2. power cable damaged

Solution: Replace power cord

3. There is a short circuit between the hashboard and the control panel link.

Solution: Check the wiring port

Question 12: If the IP address is not found when the miner is configured

1. Network reasons

Solution: Check network

2. Not in the same network segment

Solution: Check if there are other routers and need to manually add network segment settings

3. The group control network segment range has not been modified.

Solution: Check whether the network segment is from 1-254. If not, manually modify the network segment in the dashboard settings.

4. VPN turned on

Solution: Turn off VPN

5. The computer and machine are not on the same network segment

Solution: Make sure that both the machine and the computer use network cables and are connected to the same network segment to work.

Question 13: How to Burn Algorithms

1. The current machine has two models: G1 and X1. Please confirm your machine model after receiving the goods.

Solution: You can check the machine model on the power supply, and then ask the sales or after-sales service for the corresponding firmware/algorithm file.

2. How to switch to other currencies after burning

Solution: It is necessary to calculate the algorithm corresponding to the new currency again. Please refer to the instructions.

Precaution: Each time the algorithm is burned, it can be retained by default and burned again next time when there is no need to switch.