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Question 1: If the red light of machine long on

1. Not configured correctly

Solution: Enter the IP background to configure the machine

Precaution: It can be detected through the official group control "show IP" of Ipollo

2. The background configuration is wrong and a valid pool cannot be detected.

Solution: Check whether the mining pool status is "Alive", if it is "Dead", change the effective mining pool address

3. Control board damaged

Solution: Check to see if the indicator light on the control panel is red

Precaution: Normal working green light flashes intermittently

4. The hashboard is damaged

Solution: Through the small hole, you can see that the white light on the chip board is off.

Precaution: Ipollo V series machines have only one main chip board

5. Not working at high temperature

Solution: The fan speed on the main control board page is abnormal, too high or too low. Check whether the fan configuration is adjusted to the maximum speed of 100.

Precaution: If the fan speed is at maximum and the machine is still too hot and does not work, return it to the factory.

Question 2: If the machine keeps Restart

1. The DAG file inside the machine is updated twice a week and will be restarted at that time. This is normal.

Solution: neglect

Precaution: Usually the frequency is once a week. If the frequency is too high, please contact after-sales service.

2. Detected that the hashrate is too low

Solution: Check the log for after-sales help

Precaution: Can seek after-sales help

3. Pool link is unstable

Solution: Change a mining pool address

Precaution: If some mining pool official websites update their addresses, ask customer service for the latest effective address.

4. The network link is unstable

Solution: Check internet speed

5. Voltage is unstable

Solution: Exclude voltage environment

6. High temperature

Solution: Ensure that the indoor temperature is within 25 degrees Celsius, that there are no obstructions in the vents, and that indoor air circulation is normal.

Precaution: The fan speed can be adjusted manually, it is recommended to adjust it to a maximum of 100

Question 3: If the machine keep low hashrate

1. Based on the 24-hour average computing power, instantaneous low computing power is not a reference value.

Solution: Continue observation for at least 24 hours

2. Fluctuation of 10% is normal

Solution: The 10% fluctuation based on the rated model of the machine is normal.

3. The chip itself is defective and the internal circuit is short-circuited.

Solution: Return to factory

Precaution: The white indicator light of the chip does not light up

4. There is a commission on the mining pool side

Solution: Confirm with the mining pool

5. high temperature

Solution: Ensure that the indoor temperature is within 25 degrees Celsius, that there are no obstructions in the vents, and that indoor air circulation is normal.

6. Firmware defects

Solution: Update to latest firmware

Precaution: V series machine firmware download link:

7. Small currency

Solution: The currency algorithm is not supported or not fully supported

8. Double dig

Solution: The hashrate of dual mining is relatively low

9. The pool does not support

Solution: Replace the pool

10. Algorithm not supported

Solution: not support

11. DAG file does not have enough memory

Solution: not support

12. The network link is unstable

Solution: Check network

13. Voltage is unstable

Solution: Check voltage

Question 4: If the hashrate of machine keep 0

1. Pool error

Solution: Replace the pool

2. Network Error

Solution: Check network

3. The hashboard is damaged

Solution: Return to factory

4. Wrong mode selected

Solution: Select the mode corresponding to the currency

5. Just configured

Solution: The machine has just been configured and it will take 5-6 minutes to generate computing power.

6. Backend configuration error

Solution: Reconfigure

Question 5: If the temperature of the machine is too high

1. Fan damaged

Solution: Replace fan

2. The air outlet is blocked

Solution: Check whether there is any foreign matter in the air outlet

3. Cooling tower damaged

Solution: Symptoms of abnormally high temperature and feeling hot to the touch

Precaution: Need to cut off the power immediately

4. The cooling tower is loose and misaligned

Solution: Disassemble and inspect, re-fix and apply silicone grease

Preacution: It is necessary to cut off the power and shut down the machine immediately, and contact after-sales guidance for disassembly.

5. Improper indoor temperature control

Solution: Ensure that the indoor temperature is within 25 degrees Celsius, that there are no obstructions in the vents, and that indoor air circulation is normal.

6. Dust

Solution: Clean up dust regularly

Precaution: Once a year in normal environment, wind cleaning is recommended

7. Double mining

Solution: Dual mining consumes a lot of power. If it is higher than 20% of the normal single mining power consumption, please contact after-sales service.

Question 6: If the machine's fan error message(fan error)

1. The machine has just been turned on

Solution: You have just opened the configured mining pool and can ignore this display until it is fully operational.

Precaution: It will disappear automatically after running

2. Pool link is unstable

Solution: Replace the pool

Precaution: This is manifested by frequent switching between pools and a high rejection rate.

3. The network link is unstable

Solution: It will cause the reception rate to drop and the fan to continue to go up and down. You need to check the network.

4. Fan damaged

Solution: Replace fan

Question 7: If the power consumption of the machine is too high

1. Power supply damaged

Solution: Replace power supply

Precaution: It can be tested by replacing the power supply of other machines.

2. Wrong input voltage connected

Solution: Exclude site voltage range

3. No adapter installed

Solution: Install adapter

Precaution: It is recommended to install an adapter in the Americas or other areas with different power ranges.

4. Overclocking mode enabled

Solution: Normal

5. Firmware reason

Solution: Some firmware versions will increase the machine's load and cause high power consumption. Consult after-sales service to install the recommended firmware version.

6. Dual mining mode

Solution: Select the corresponding firmware version, or set the fan speed to the maximum

Question 8: If the machine keeps dropping out

1. Pool address error

Solution: Replace the pool

2. URL address reading error

Solution: Check whether the pool prefix is written incorrectly

Precaution: You can try both tcp and ssl

3. Internet speed is unstable

Solution: Check network

4. The pool is unstable

Solution: Replace the pool

5. Not configured

Solution: Backend configuration

6. Chip failure

Solution: Chip failure

7. Wireless network link is unstable

Solution: It is recommended to change to a network cable

Question 9: If the machine fails to boot

1. Power supply

Solution: Replace power supply

2. Power cable

Solution: Replace power cord

3. Adapter damaged

Solution: Replace adapter

Question 10: If the machine's red and green lights are always on

1. The machine has no executable firmware

Solution: Card swipe

Precaution: Swipe card information to seek after-sales service

Question 11: If the mechaine's wireless cannot be set up

1. Need to plug in the Internet cable settings

Solution: When setting up the Ipollo machine wirelessly, you need to plug in the network cable first.

2. When can you unplug the network cable?

Solution: After the wireless configuration is successful, you can unplug it.

3. Does each machine configuration need to plug in the Internet cable? What is the order?

Solution: You need to plug in the network cable and set it up one by one. If one succeeds, unplug it, then plug in the network cable to the next one, continue the configuration, and so on.

4. Invalid

Solution: Check if the antenna is damaged

Question 12: If the IP address is not found when the miner is configured

1. Network reasons

Solution: Check network

2. Not in the same network segment

Solution: Check if there are other routers and need to manually add network segment settings

3. The group control network segment range has not been modified.

Solution: Check whether the network segment is from 1-254. If not, manually modify the network segment in the background settings.

4. VPN turned on

Solution: Turn off VPN

Question 13: Ipollo double digging tutorial

1. Refer to the video tutorial:

Question 14: Ipollo V series card swiping tutorial

1. Video tutorial: https://s5-cs-pub-std.oss-ap-southeast E4%BB%B6_1653012985745_mploo.mp4

Question 15: Restore default factory settings

1. When the system is not powered on, hold down the Reset button and power on the system. Once the green light starts flashing, you can let go. After flashing 10 times, the system will automatically restart and restore the default factory settings.