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Second Hand Miners Consignment

Procurement of ALL Second Hand ASIC Miners

  • Jinglemining is committed to exploring all second-hand ASIC Miners resources that can be traded or purchased on a global scale.

  • We accept the terms of shipping first and paying later, with full payment made after the machine has been tested and found to be faultless, or we can conduct transactions through third-party trading platforms.

  • We accept remote or on-site inspections of the machine, providing a report within 24-48 hours, and during the inspection period, the mining profits belong to the seller.

  • Once the inspection is completed and no issues are found, we will price the machine based on the seller's expected price.

  • After pricing, we will list the second-hand machine's related information and price on our website based on relevant videos and data information.

  • We offer sales, consignment & overseas sales services within and outside mainland China. The seller bears the shipping cost, while we carry out inspections, pricing, guide the seller to shoot relevant videos and provide sales services, charging only an 8-10% service fee.

Email: Terry@jinglemining.com

Procurement Manager

Terry, Jinglemining

Contact Address

Telegram : +86 18201813128
24 Hours / Week

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