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Jasminer X4 - Alternative Coins

The Jasminer X4 series is designed to mine principally ETC and ETH.
If you wish to start mining any of the alternative coins on the ETHASH algorithm, you can have a look at this tutorial.

Taking comining.io pool as example.

1. Access the pool via https://comining.io/

2. The pool supports 90% of the alternative coins based on the ETHASH algorithm.

3. Register and Login using a Google account

4. Click on Workers and Add Worker. Add the selected Coins, and worker name, (PPLNT mode is preferred)

5. Click on Get Started, and then select Antminer E3 tab to find the corresponding mining address and user account.

6. Head on to the Jasminer Dashboard, click on Miner and insert the mining address and worker on Pool1.

⚠ Please note: for older firmware versions select the Coin type as "Other", for the newer version, you should select ETH for any coin mining besides ETC.

7. Please allow 20 minutes for the machine to show the Hashrate.
Head on https://comining.io/ to view the Hashrate on the pool side and earnings.

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