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My name is Cyril, and I am the sales manager at Jinglemining. With extensive experience in the miner industry, I am dedicated to assisting you with your purchasing needs and intentions. Please feel free to reach out to me at any time to discuss your buying requirements. I am committed to providing you with prompt responses and continuing to serve you with the utmost dedication.

Whatsapp & Telegram: +852 56087094

Email: cyril@jinglemining.com • English, Russian


Nico HUANG, English and French available, will always be at your side for any purchase, technical or after-sales question.
Finding a good solution for price, shipping and delivery solution is his target.
Thanks for support and trust as well.

Whatsapp & Telegram : +86 15821323976

Email: nico@jinglemining.com • English, French


Nain, the sales manager of Jingle Mining. With deep experience in the block chain industry including miner, crypto coin, mining pool, etc. I will do my best to serve every customer, no matter where you come from. Feel free to contact me anytime.  Always ready to answer your questions and solve your difficulties. And you are welcome to reach out to me for the discount.

Whatsapp & Telegram: +852 60937679

Email: nain@jinglemining.com • English


Laura, grew up in Shanghai, speaks English, Japanese, lived in Thailand, Australia. Please bear with her bad jokes when doing business with her, she makes it up with prompt response and warm attitude. Drawn to crypto industry because she has a big vision of the future of human and wholeheartedly believe it can change our lives.

Whatsapp & Telegram: +852 59803007

Email: laura@jinglemining.com • English, Japanese


As an experienced Sales Manager I prioritize a seamless and positive customer experience from initial inquiry to post-sales. Building lasting relationships is integral to my approach, emphasizing trust and reliability. Fluent in English, Italian, Spanish, and French, I am easily accessible through calls, emails, and WhatsApp. My commitment is not just to sell products but to ensure enduring satisfaction, laying the groundwork for long-term partnerships in the mining sector.

Whatsapp & Telegram: +44 7463152025

Email: uk@jinglemining.com • English, Italian, Spanish, French


Hi, this is Bruce

Your most experienced and knowledgeable miner expert. Speak fluent English, able to attend real-time meeting or Q&A phone call if you need.

Years of industry related experience allow me to help you plan mining farm equipment, and solve after-sales problems at one stop. The experience I have accumulated over the years will be transformed into answers that satisfy you

BTW, I currently based in Bangkok, if you also have a demand or experience in operating mining farm in Southeast Asia, please feel free to contact me.

Whatsapp & Telegram: +86 13283663342

Email: aliang@jinglemining.com • English, Thai


Whatsapp & Telegram: +86 18616755430

Email: bini@jinglemining.com • Korean, English

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Suite 2006, 340 Queen's Road, Central, Hong Kong

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