Checking out the Hive OS Linux Mining OS statistics about what coins and algorithms are the most mined among the users of that mining operating systems today gives quite interesting results. Kaspa (KAS) has tied with Ethereum Classic (ETC) with each at 19% of the coins being mined, followed by Ravencoin (RVN) in third place with 9%, NEXA at 7% and ERGO (ERG) at 5%. KAS has been slowly catching up to ETC in the statistics since the beginning of the year, but now it is about to flip it and become the most mineable coin among HiveOS users (it is still actually less than half percent behind). Of course, HiveOS is not the only Linux-based mining operating system and there are users that are mining directly, still this is one of the largest in terms of users and gives a good overview and insight thanks to the statistics that it provides.

It is interesting to note that in the chart with the algorithms Kaspa (KAS) and its kHeavyHash mining algorithm are apparently at 21% already with Etchash used by Ethereum Classic (ETC) at 20% of the total. There is a slight difference in the percentage here as there are some coins that use the same algorithm for mining and looking at the ore detailed stats with less rounding, we can see that Nicehash-kHeavyHash constitutes at around 1.5% additionally, though listed as a separate entity in the coins section and the Nicehash-EtcHash is at just 0.66%. Among the new coins that are slowly going up, apart from NEXA that is already quite high up at 7.29%, we can also see Dynex (DNX) at 1.43% and Radiant (RXD) at 0.8%.