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Brand Name: JingleMining

Hashrate: 55KH/s

Cryptocurrency: BTC Solo

Flash: 16MB


Working Power Supply: 3.3V

Connector: JST-GH 1.25mm 2-pin

Chip: ESP32-S3

Model Number: T-Display-S3

Type: Bluetooth, WIFI

Origin: Mainland China

Package: Yes

Compatible Audio & Video Equipment Style: Display Equipment

Draw once every ten minutes, 144 times chance every day, more than 50,000 times in a year.  Buy once, Lifetime Lottery, Solo Mode. WIN 6.25BTC!

Negligible electricity cost, Type-C cabel, Wireless Mode.


Jingleminer Configuration Tutorial

For detailed video tutorial, please click on this link: [OFFICIAL]JINGLE MINER - THE MINI BTC LOTTERY MINER EASY TUTORIAL

1. Connect the JingleMiner to your desktop or other power supply with the Type C cable, then scan the QR code on this page to connect the 'JingleMiner' WIFI.

homepage of JIngleMiner

2. After connecting to WIFI then select ‘Configure WIFI’.


3. After entering this page, you'll need to edit the following information:

SSID: Current available Wi-Fi name

Password: Available Wi-Fi password

Pool URL: pool.vkbit.com (the only url can use)

Pool port: 3333 (the only port can use)

Your BTC address: Available BTC wallet address

TimeZone from UTC: Time

For Example:

Setting page

4. After waiting for a few minutes, if JingleMiner displays the following page and shows hashrate, the setup is successful.

hashrate page of JingleMiner

5. If the page shows zero power, a factory reset is required. Repeat the above steps to reconfigure by long-pressing the bottom right button to perform the reset.



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Jingleminer - BTC SOLO Mini Lottery Miner