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High-Throughput Quiet  Server  User Manual

SUNLUNE Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.



High-Throughput Quiet  Server  User Manual 

I.Product introduction

II.Inspection before use

  1. Pre-use inspection
  2. Precautions for use

III .basic instructions

  1. Equipment

IV. Use and Setup

  1. Connection and Inspection
  2. Configuration of the device
  3. B ack end configur ation
  4. Wi-Fi Connection
  5. Other configur ation

JASMINER X16-Q high throughput quiet server instructions

I. Product Introduction

High-throughput quiet server (model: JASMINER X16-Q) coming from Sunlune Technology development (Beijing) Co., Ltd. ,which is a high cost performance server. Based on independent development of JASMINER X16 high-throughput computing ASIC. The integrated memory and computing structure chip realizes the combination of memory and computing, to meet the memory capacity requirements, and Increased access bandwidth, break through the bottleneck of computing power from the traditional computer architecture, With the provision of sufficient computing power, reduced energy consumption and  profile,  designed with silent fan, With the help of an integrated architecture and ultra-high throughput, widely applicable to blockchain networks PoW algorithms such as ETCHASH and ETHASH, With standard 3U server shape, it is suitable for IDC server room, household and other scenarios, and brings   good ROI to customers.

High-throughput quiet server has excellent computing performance, low power consumption, simple but efficient IO expansion ability and extremely high operating stability to meet the requirements of all different types of customers.

Jasminer X16 High-Throughput Quiet Servier

II. Check before use

1 . Check before use

  • After unpacking the new machine, please check whether the equipment shell is deformed or the interface is damaged. If there is any damage, please contact the after-sales service for treatment.
  • Check the machine for any strange noise, please do not turn on the power and contact the after-sales service if there any metal-to-metal collision sound, screws off or loose.

2 . Note on use

  • This machine should not connect to any router or switch with POE function;
  • Do not stack the machine or cover other objects to keep it cool;
  • Please operate the machine in the recommended operating environment (operating temperature: 0-40°C, operating humidity: 5%RH~95%RH non-condensing), so as not to affect the normal operation or performance of the machine;
  • Note that the dust and foreign objects, so as not to corrode the motherboard to cause the device can not work properly;
  • Please do not modify the machine privately, the resulting damage to the machine is not covered by the warranty.


III. Basic instructions

1. Equipment


Please place the machine according to the placement shown above, do not place the machine in a confined space for operation;

For your safety, it is forbidden to disassemble any screws or fasteners on the product;

This machine generates heat during operation, please avoid touching the case during operation.

2.specification of equipment

General Information


 Jasminer X16-q


443mm (H) ×410mm (L) ×132.5mm (W)


10 kg

Technical Specifications




8 GB



Network  connections

RJ 45 Ethernet 10 / 100 / 1000M& 802.11b / g / n 2.4GHz Wi Fi


TF card port, power port, RJ 45 network cable interface


120-240V, 50 / 60Hz, 10 A, 1200 W ± 10%, with a built-in power supply

Cooling style


Operating system






With the characteristics of the memory and computing integrated architecture and ultra-high throughput, it widely applied to the PoW of the blockchain network which using ETCHASH or ETHASH algorithms.   Remote control through the network interface can provide high throughput computing services without access to traditional peripheral devices (such as mouse, keyboard, display, etc.).

Environmental Specification

Working temperature


Working humidity

5% RH-95% RH

Work altitude

Below 2000 meters


3. Interface and description

x16-q description

x16-q description

TF  card

The TF card slot

IP  Report

Using IP Report software, the high-throughput server IP will be feedback to computer


Network cable interface


Restore the factory setting button

Fault  Light(red)

The blinking indicates that a fault has occurred

Operation Light (green)

The flashing  light  indicates that the  machine  is working properly

WiFi antenna

Wireless Network Antenna


IV. Use &Setup

1. Wiring &inspection

A) Network cable connection:insert the RJ 45 crystal head into the Ethernet port ( shown as ETH on machine back), pay attention to the direction when plugging the cable, and please insert the crystal head in place;

B) Power cable connection:Please connect the 120V-240V AC power supply to operate correctly;

C) WiFi link: Please link the Wi Fi antenna to the corresponding interface of the mechine.

2.Configure the machine

Configure the machine by JASMINER IP group control software Download the IP group control management software from following path: JASMINER website→support→ Installation→guide & firmware→other→software & firmware

Install the jasminer program (IP group control management software) on Windows OS, double-click to run, and note that the computer needs to be in the same network segment with the machine;

After successful installation, see the figure below, click "generate" → "scan" in the software interface to scan machine's IP ,the the relevant information will automatically pop up after scanning is complete;


JASMINER  X16-Q     High-Throughput Quiet  Server  User Manual

jasminer control panel

  • Check the machine needs to be configured
jasminer control panel
  • Copy and paste the obtained mini ning pool address at the Pools, and then copy and paste the sub-account (worker) at the wallet / account (if you choose ETC + ZIL dual-mining, please get the dual- mining address from your mining pool)

jasminer control panel
  • Single mining ETC, select ETC algorithm, dual- mining select ETC + ZIL dual- mining (note that previous address and algorithm selection should be the same);

jasminer control panel
  • Select the working frequency, the default is Efficiency( 500MHz), also available Balance( 520Mhz)or Performance (550Mhz);

jasminer control panel
  • Click the Configure to start the machine configuration;

jasminer control panel
  • View the hashrate

After the machine runs about 10 min, you can see the corresponding hash rate information.

jasminer control panel

The configuration to this high-throughput server is complete and the machine works properly.

jasminer control panel

3. Other Settings: double-click the device in the group control software to enter the web page to modify and set up

jasminer control panel

* You have set all the parameters by now, if you want to know more about setting, you can continue reading items 4 and 5.

4. Configurethe high-throughput server from the Backend Console without group control software

a) Enterthe IP address of the machine in any web browser and press the Enter key to open the machine‘s Backend Console.

User name:root
Password :root
IP address
b) Enter the"Setings→ Miner" configuration interface to modify the mini ning pool settings, and let the machine starts to providing hashrate.
jasminer control panel
  • Enter the preferred and two alternative mining pool address, account number and password, and refer to the mining pool tutorial;
  • Select the algorithm, this machine support and two algorithms( ETC/ ET), the default is the ETH algorithm;
  • After the selection is complete, click "UPDATE" to submit, and the configuration is complete.
jasminer control panel
c) Afterruns about10 minutes, you can view the corresponding hash rate information on the Status 
jasminer control panel

Configuration to this high-throughput server is completed.

5. Wi-Fi link

a) Long press the front panel "IP Report" until both Operation light and Fault light  on.


b) Find the " Jasminer-ap..." from your computer, and link this Wi Fi,

Default password: 12345678

c) After connecting to the Jasminer machine’s Wi-Fi, open your web browser, enter the address "" and click Enter and Login to the backend console



IP address

d) Configure Wi-Fi, enter Setting→WLAN→Switch, click Connection to link to your common network.

jasminer control panel

jasminer control panel

e) Link the computer to the samenetwork with mining machine, return to the regular link, and scan out the machine’s IP.

jasminer control panel

6. Othersettings

a) Change the login password: need to change the login name and password information, select Setting→Admin "configuration item. Default login

Default name:root

Default password:root

Click" UPDATE " to take effect.

jasminer control panel

b) Viewlog: To view system operation information, youcan select the "Log" option;
jasminer control panel
c) Upgrade the system firmware: select the"Upgrade" option, select the firmware that needs to be upgraded, and click "Upload image" to complete the upgrade operation;
jasminer control panel
d) Restart themachine: select "Reboot" and click "Reboot Now";
jasminer control panel
e) Machinerestore the factory settings, select "Reset" and click "Reset Now";
jasminer control panel


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