The team will continue to build applications and developer tools for RARA as part of the Mask ecosystem of Web3 social builders.

Mask, which was founded in 2017, intends to provide an easy-to-use bridge between Web 2.0 to Web 3.0-era decentralized applications. It was one of the first community members to join Jack Dorsey’s Bluesky protocol, and the team is responsible for the most active Mastodon instances.

Mask has invested $100 million in decentralized social networks, infrastructure, and creative content to fuel its vision of being the Web3 social conglomerate developing for the first billion people in Web3.

Suji Yan, Founder of Mask, said:

“When we first saw RARA, our team was impressed by their innovative approach to letting third-parties store additional data on NFTs. So every person’s curation and comment travels with the NFT. It fits our Mask’s dream to liberate people from control of one company and one app. Ultimately we want to achieve a new and open internet through building and growing the decentralized social network ecosystem.”

According to reports, RARA allows users to submit social remarks to NFT in social apps and NFT markets. Users may also utilize free soulbound collectibles for curating called RA! like tokens to welcome new people to Web3 and tailor social feeds and NFT suggestions based on each person’s preferences.

MASK has recently been one of the tokens with strong performance. The token increased by 25% and topped $7, garnering investor interest. Some token smart money addresses profited greatly by acquiring at $2.5 and holding, while Voyager remitted $150 million USDC to Circle in return for actual currency after converting $600 million in cryptocurrencies to USDC.

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