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The Jingle Mining Joint Mining Solution

Jingle Mining has adopted an effective FIL mining plan that cuts through all the barriers to entry, with easy participation and without the burden of acquiring special equipment and setting up configurations.

Running a Filecoin storage provider is a highly-technical task with strong hardware requirements, as needed to complete the necessary proofs. Jingle Mining offers an open and transparent solution, with IDC and servers fully security compliant, with experienced management, offering constant support and maintenance.


All our plans have a minimum contract of 360 days.
Rewards are paid daily via automated payout method.
GAS fees are non refundable.
The initial Pledge will be returned at the end of the contract period.

- 0.1 PiB 1 PiB 5 PiB
FIL Required


waiting... waiting...
Gas Required waiting... waiting... waiting...
Total FIL waiting... waiting... waiting...
Share 45% 50% 55%

*The above data is for reference only.

Investment & Return


Investment:10PiB and 360-day sector life cycle based


1 FIL = ... USDT, refer to the data on the chain today

Initial pledge waiting...
Gas fees waiting...
Total waiting...

Jingle Mining

1 FIL = ... USDT, hardware costs converted to FIL

Miner (1 unit) waiting...
Storage (20 units) waiting...
Data storing waiting...
(IDC cabinet and on-site operation and maintenance, etc.)
Network equipment waiting...
Total waiting...

*Data refer to data on Filecoin chain today, which may differ from expected real rewards. (The amount of initial pledge, gas fee, and the mining rewards will fluctuate with the entire network computing power increase/decrease)


... FIL invested in total.
The partner invests ... FIL,portion of the cost: ...%; Jingle Mining invests ... FIL, portion of the cost: ...%.


Initial pledge
(100% return to partner)
the mining rewards ... FIL
(refer to the Filecoin economic model and 20PiB computing power daily increase)
The partner (50%) Jingle Mining (50%)
waiting... waiting...


The partners will receive ... FIL(include the initial pledge), Net income: ... FIL, APY around ...%.

Investment Analysis

How will the falling price of FIL cause USDT currency standard loss?

Assuming the client buys 1P of initial pledge + gas fee: 5,743 Fil.
360-day mining earning: 8,117Fil including initial pledge return.

FIL price/USDT 1P of initial pledge + gas fee 360-day mining earning
40 229,720 324,680
35 201,005 284,095
30 177,290 243,510
25 143,575 202,925
20 114,860 162,340
15 86,145 121,755
10 57,430 81,170
5 28,715 40,585

E.G. Assuming 1 Fil=40USDT, the total initial cost of purchase including the gas fee would be 229,720 USDT. In case FIL value falls to 25-28 USDT, the investor will incur in a USDT currency standard loss.

More About Filecoin


Leading you to the world of blockchain .
Decentralized / Secure and flexible / Supporting Filecoin ecosystem .

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